What is the Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds?

It is an independent organization, consisting of all members of the Baden-Powell Guilds in Canada. We are affiliated with Scouts Canada.

The Canadian Fellowship is comprised largely of former members of the Scouting and Guiding movement who wish to continue to associate with like minded people and lend assistance to those movements when they are able


  • To keep alive the spirit of the Promise and Law, in a process of continuous personal development;
  •  To bring that spirit into the communities in which they live and work, through active service to them; and
  • To actively support Scouting and Guiding in their communities within Canada and worldwide.


  • To establish a liaison and a co-operation between the National organization of former adult Scouts and Guides;
  • To establish Baden-Powell Guilds in areas where no such Baden-Powell Guilds exist; and
  • To promote friendship amongst former adult Scouts and Guides within Canada and throughout the world.

History of Guilds in Canada

B-P Guilds originated with “Old Scout Clubs” and started in Canada as far back as 1920.  However, none of these clubs were long lasting. The 1st Canadian B-P Guild was formed in March 1960.  From then on there was a gradual growth in Guilds in Canada. In 1976, Guilds were formed in Ontario and Alberta thus giving the B-P Guild a national structure.  In May 1976 the National Council, Scouts Canada, authorized the formation of the Canadian Council of B-P Guilds to act as the coordinating body for B-P Guilds in Canada.  In July 1977 Canada was granted membership in the ISGF.  The Canadian Fellowship withdrew from ISGF in 2020.  We are now an independent organization.

Is There a Social Side?

Yes!  Social activities are a most important part of fellowship in the Guild.  They provide the inspiration for working together to achieve success.  Social activities are a way to introduce new and prospective members to the B-P Guild.  They are where members make or renew friendships.  Any excuse to get together with fellow Scouters to have some fun and reminisce about the enjoyment Scouting brought into our lives and the good things we accomplished with our youth by using Scouting programs over the years.

Will you soon be ending your service in a Colony, Pack, Troop, Company, Crew, Support Team, or Committee?  Have you enjoyed the fellowship that Scouting brought into your life?  Do you really want to end the fun and enjoyment you have had in the Scouting program?  Do you want to continue to offer your services to Scouting in a less demanding way?  If you have answered yes to any of these, then activities with the B-P Guild are for you.

Have you enjoyed your nights at Scouters’ Club or an Old Wolves’ Club?  Do you find you are now a Crew with over-age Rovers?  Then perhaps you could give some thought to forming a B-P Guild in your Council.

Who Can Join?

Membership in the Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds is open to adult residents of Canada who are able to register with a Baden-Powell Guild in accordance with the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures.

There is no age limit, membership is open  both men and women who believe in the objectives of the Baden-Powell Guilds and wish to assist Scouting in their community, but cannot give the full-time required to be an active Scouter. There is no requirement to have been a member of Scouting or Guiding movements.