Baden-Powell Guilds of Canada
Recognition Award


  • Is initiated at the Guild level, the Guild decides which member(s) are to be recognized.

How to Obtain

  • Guild requests in writing to the Canadian National Guildmaster
  • A letter should accompany the request, outlining a short history of the members service and why the member is being considered for the award by their fellow Guild members.
  • A photo of the presentation can be sent to the Editor of Mamook.

Information Requested

  • Please provide us with the NAME and the DATE that is to appear on the certificate. The certificate and the medal will be mailed to the person making the request.


  • A cheque in the amount of $15.00 per medal made payable to the ‚ÄúCanadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds must accompany the letter of request.

Email the Request to:

National Guildmaster
Marcia McInnes